Friday, September 9, 2011

Clumps of Moments

This post is inspired from an excerpt of the poem Small Things by Anna Kamienska:
It's not from the grand
but from every tiny thing
that it grows enormous
as if Someone was building Eternity
as a swallow its nest
out of clumps of moments

some of our "clumps of moments:"
a special place to look at letters with a fancy pen
eating a waffle drenched in "seeeryup" with a blue fork on a blue plate
from a mixture of tulle and paint
a Sunday afternoon hike
spending a rainy afternoon at the movies


Jenny said...

sounds like great "clumped" moments! those girls are just so cute...

LaDy LaDuke said...

You have such a beautiful family:) I just wanted to thank you for coming by LaDy LaDuke, and for your lovely comment.

Mrs. No-No said...

love all your pics!! :)
Mrs. NoNo Knows

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That is spending real quality time with the family.

Melissa said...

Moments that make up a lovely life! :)

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