Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

It's actually ALMOND butter jelly time, but that's not how the song goes.

Don't Talk to Me, Don't EVEN Look at Me!

Hadley's not quite talking yet, but she lets me know when she'd prefer it if I weren't around. She'll take her truck and push it down the hall and wave "Bye! Bye!" to me then go into her room and shut the door. If I come in after her, she'll wave her arm as if to say, "Get out of here!" all the while scowling at me. Some people assume she's up to no good and that's why she wants to be by herself, but she's actually working very hard. The other day, Jesse was able to get a few pictures of her when she was in an extreme level of concentration:

As you can see, it is very important work she's doing. Her animals are depending on her to move them from place to place in our condo. One must be very skilled and full of concentration in order to move one's animals around without them toppling off the block.
We wonder where Hadley gets this trait of wanting to be by herself from. It couldn't be from me. Those closest to me know me to be the fun loving and highly outgoing person that I am. It must be from Jesse. We all know how much he likes his quiet time. And he's so shy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas

I realize one of them is my child, but honestly, can you get any cuter than these two munchkins? This is Hadley's boyfriend Matthew. They met at Lap Sit and Rhyme Time at the library.

We were over at Matthew's house yesterday for a playdate and thought it'd be a good idea to get a picture of the two of them. Matthew's mommy was a little concerned that he kept putting his arm on Hadley's leg. She said, "Hadley's daddy isn't going to like that too much, Matthew!" However, as I look more closely at these pictures, I think it's Hadley's left arm we need to be concerned about......

Thursday, December 6, 2007

First Snow

Yesterday about 2 - 3 inches of snow fell in the DC area. While Hadley was around for her first snow last year, she could've cared less. This year she was quite interested in it. Here are a few pictures: (By the way, this part of our condo is her favorite spot. Anyone in the Lewis family notice a resemblence to where Geoff and I would like to sit in the house?)

Along with the first snow is the reminder that people around these parts have no clue how to manage it. For example, on our front steps is a nice, thick layer of kitty litter. So not only do I get to step on an inch or two of ice, I get to step on kitty litter and carry it around all day. Walking down the steps with one hand tightly gripped around the banister and the other around Hadley I cursed myself for wearing heals (But can you blame me? It's my birthday for Pete's sake. I wanted to feel like the stylish young thing I once was). Hadley thought this was all very amusing since we were walking so slowly down the steps and sidewalk.
When the snow fell yesterday we didn't leave the house as Hadley and I both have colds. So Hadley and I greeted our snow covered car and I wondered why I always say I like the snow so much.
Grumbling about having to wipe off the ice and snow off the car, I kept my eye on Hadley who was mesmermized by what I was doing. I relaxed a little since she seemed to be content and remembered the first time I had to wipe snow off my car. It was in the parking lot of Covenant Christian School around 8 or 9 on a December night (Some of you know that I could say the exact date, but I won't). Laura, the teacher who I was to replace in January, was "showing me the ropes" that week and we were at school every day at 5 in the morning and didn't leave until late each night. Every night that week it snowed heavily. On this night, when we were getting ready to leave, I told Laura I was going to make a few copies before I left. She told me that she'd meet me outside. When I walked out of the school, I saw Laura wiping off my car.
Laura and I didn't always know how to interact with one another because of the circumstance we were in. I was walking into her classroom, teaching her kids, using some of her materials. Not only that, but we were both going through big transitions - she was moving and having a baby, and I was getting married and starting my first official job. Emotions were high when we talked to each other and sometimes we danced around hurting each other's feelings.
But in the end I was grateful for all Laura showed me about how she ran her classroom at CCS. She was very generous, and the night I walked out of the school overloaded with books and teaching materials in my hands I was overwhelmed at her gesture of wiping snow off my car.
So this morning when I wiped snow off our car and watched Hadley watching me, I remembered why I liked winter, snow, ice, hot chocolate with marshmellows, the red Starbucks coffee cups, the word "kick up", and walking down snow covered stairs in heels I shouldn't have worn. Despite the craziness of the season, if you look for it you see that it can bring out the best in people.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Visit from Uncle Geoff

Hadley was happy to see, play, and dance with her Uncle Geoff over the weekend. We had a lot of fun with him, too. On Friday Hadley said she wanted to go out for sushi so we made our way to the Kentlands. Uncle Geoff showed her how to use chopsticks:Being the advanced child that she is, Hadley got the hang of them quite fast.
Here she is trying to show us how to do a Sake Bomb:

Here's what we ordered. Yes, it DOES look like a lot, but in the tradition of getting together with Geoff, we occasionally out-do ourselves.

On Saturday we went to the National Zoo and saw the birds, lions, tigers, apes, and sea lions (one of them was named Callie. I'm hoping that's where the resemblance stopped, although I did appreciate her willingness to do things for food). Hadley liked looking at the animals but she squealed the loudest at a bunch of sparrows that were on the path as we walked around. Here are some pictures:
All bundled up!

Taking a look at the apes.

Um, Mom? I can't bend my arms. And how come you're not wearing a hat and mittens and I have to?

Here's one more of Geoff and Hadley. Hadley wanted to know what You Tube is so he was showing her what it's all about.