Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer Hangouts

There were afternoons spent at the ice-cream shop,
and mornings spent dressing up.
There were days gratefully spent in the shade at parks,
or cooling off at Starbucks reading books,
writing first letters
and practicing old ones.
We peeked at the sun through trees
and took long walks home without strollers.
The afternoon nap seems to be a memory,
but there are remnants that we like to take with us.

It's been a nice summer.


Prototype Mama said...

It looks like you guys are really enjoying yourself-- we just came from a visit from the library and trip to the park-- kids love simple things :)

Rachel Joy said...

Great pictures. Those really sounds like fun afternoons...I think afternoon naps have an age limit. Mine stopped at 3 =P. Thanks again for the friendship at Voiceboks!

Cool Bean Momma

pamela r said...

I loved taking a walk with you! =) Now following.

Jenny said...

It definitely looks like a productive yet fun summer!

Mrs. No-No said...

wow - great post with great pics - - I love the one of the walk!! Naptimes are starting to be a thing of the past in our house, too! boohooohoooo ;)
Visiting from VB
Hope you have a great holiday

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