Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Visit from Uncle Geoff

Hadley was happy to see, play, and dance with her Uncle Geoff over the weekend. We had a lot of fun with him, too. On Friday Hadley said she wanted to go out for sushi so we made our way to the Kentlands. Uncle Geoff showed her how to use chopsticks:Being the advanced child that she is, Hadley got the hang of them quite fast.
Here she is trying to show us how to do a Sake Bomb:

Here's what we ordered. Yes, it DOES look like a lot, but in the tradition of getting together with Geoff, we occasionally out-do ourselves.

On Saturday we went to the National Zoo and saw the birds, lions, tigers, apes, and sea lions (one of them was named Callie. I'm hoping that's where the resemblance stopped, although I did appreciate her willingness to do things for food). Hadley liked looking at the animals but she squealed the loudest at a bunch of sparrows that were on the path as we walked around. Here are some pictures:
All bundled up!

Taking a look at the apes.

Um, Mom? I can't bend my arms. And how come you're not wearing a hat and mittens and I have to?

Here's one more of Geoff and Hadley. Hadley wanted to know what You Tube is so he was showing her what it's all about.

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