Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Get This Potty Started!

We have decided to slowly start Hadley on the path to using the potty. On Sunday, Jesse purchased the Elmo potty. Elmo is by far, Hadley's favorite Sesame Street character, and she was beyond happy to see (and hear) him in her very own home. Elmo says all sorts of different things to encourage kids to use the potty, and he even says them in Spanish. So if you think about it, we'll teach her two things at once. Now that's what I call efficiency. Maybe I'll teach her how to read while we're at it.

Hadley loves her potty. She sits on it all the time. In fact, she takes it into the living room and watches Sesame Street on it. Or, she'll place it next to a stack of books and read while sitting on it. She also likes to let her baby sit on it while she pushes her around.

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Katie said...

Has she actually used it for its purpose yet? I'm thinking about starting Erin this summer, too. She'll probably be trained before Luke at the rate he's going.