Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trip to Colonial Williamsburg

This week we took a trip to Williamsburg, VA to hang out and relax a bit. We had a lot of fun chasing Hadley around Colonial Williamsburg, and she had a good time exploring a different part of the world. Here she is with her Dad having a rest with Mr. Thomas Jefferson (who Jesse was proud to sit next to because he founded the "Survey of the Coast" which is the office he works for. As you might imagine, Hadley was quite impressed with this piece of history).

And here's another picture of her studying the water (just like her Dad....maybe she was interested in Mr. Jefferson's efforts to set up a place where hydraulic modelers can practice their work in peace without their spouses asking for the umpteeth time, "So...what is it that you DO?!?!").

However, the real impressive stuff comes next. I remember when Hadley was first born, walking around downtown Silver Spring with her. I saw a little girl who looked like she just learned to walk practicing her new found freedom on the grass. She fell down and I watched her push herself back up and continue walking. I thought this was simply unbelievable and couldn't imagine how it is we learn how to do that. But here Hadley is splashing in the water in one video, and in the next doing a fine impression of Cookie Monster. She is certainly becoming a little girl.

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