Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Little Helper

Hadley likes to help with all the chores around the house which is sweet, but can also get a little tricky when the point of doing chores is straightening up and cleaning the place. If we get the vacuum out, begin to unload the dishwasher, or begin the laundry, Hadley comes running saying, "I do it myself."

When I start folding the laundry I can usually satisfy Hadley's need to "fold" the clothes by giving her all her old burp cloths along with our kitchen towels. However, a couple of days ago she went into her room and decided she was ready to fold her clothes (that were already folded and put away). Here's what happened....

And here is Hadley singing and dancing to a song she's made up this week. It's always good to do chores while singing and dancing.


Katie said...

I love the song - and how happy she is with herself about it!

A few days ago I left Luke and Erin alone in Erin's room for a few minutes while I straightened up in my own closet. I came back to find that they had emptied 2 out of 3 dresser drawers. EMPTIED. After I yelled for a bit, I sorted through and made a pile of things to get rid of and also found a bunch of stuff that will fit now. Not what I had planned to do with my afternoon, but productive nonetheless.

hannah elizabeth said...

Thanks! I am sure he will be glad for a few good books to read...and maybe I will read them too!