Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Fun Friday Morning

This is Hadley and her friend Emerson who she calls "Emson." This picture was taken a couple of months ago, but it was taken on my phone and I had no clue how to get it on the computer. We now have new phones so Jesse took all the pictures I've taken and transferred them on to our computer (he's so smart).

Last Friday, we met Emerson and her mom for a donut and then the girls ran around Rockville Town Center Square while we talked a bit. At 10am in the middle of the square, water shoots out of several holes in the ground for the kids to play in. I forgot to pack a bathing suit for Hadley, so I just let her play in her diaper. She had so much fun splashing around in the "wader" as she calls it. Here are a couple of pictures:

For the record, Huggies are incredibly absorbent.

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