Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Did She Do?

As with most infants, Harper doesn't do much yet. The three of us look at her each day and wait for a coo or a smile but it doesn't always happen. When Harper does do something, it is usually followed by Jesse or I saying, "Oh!" As in, "Oh, she smiled!" Or, "Oh, she pooped!" (You can read the "ohs" with different tones.) When Hadley hears an "Oh" from us, she asks, "What did she do?" Sometimes she'll even answer her own question. "Harper pooped."

And life carries on. Hadley goes back to playing with her puzzles, or blocks, and we go back to doing whatever it was we were doing. So I don't have many things to tell about Harper just yet as we are still learning about the kind of person she is becoming. But I can offer some pictures.

This is Harper celebrating her 5 week birthday:

And a short video:

And here are some of our Christmas picture outtakes. We took a picture of the four of us this morning. Whether or not I make cards and send them out is a different story. I have good intentions to send out cards, but you know all about good intentions and the road they pave....
I just love my big sister.
And she loves me.

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hannah elizabeth said...

Beautiful girls!
Yes, Lula's is one of my favorites! I would like to work there, but I don't want to ride my bike in the snow...eek!