Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Dancing, A Little Harper

Last Tuesday was Hadley's last music class of the season, and I was able to take some videos of her in action. This class was so much fun, and even though I was a teacher in what seems like another life, after watching Hadley's teacher every Tuesday I have an appreciation for what teachers do to give children a chance to learn about something new.

Here are a few videos of Hadley in action. As I note in several of my entries, note how all the other children are sitting on their moms' laps, then note where Hadley is.

Here she is front a center:

This is my favorite one. At the end of class, the teacher sings a little lullaby while all the kids snuggle with their moms....with the exception of my child.

As for Hadley's younger sister, she is doing well getting used to the world. She's given us some big smiles here and there and Hadley continues to enjoy telling her about life. Here they are hanging out in the morning after they both woke up.

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Katie said...

A few random thoughts:

Hadley has Jennifer Aniston hair - the floppy side-swept bangs.
Maybe Harper will be a snuggler. One can hope.
Is that Hadley's bed? What is the sleeping situation you have decided on?

I'm done with CBS now until January and would love to see you and meet Harper! Can we come visit sometime?