Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Odds and Ends

I don't have a theme for this entry but I'm sure that won't prevent the readers of NFN to continue reading. Take one look at this video and you will forgive me for the lack of my title creativity:

Last week when we went to the gym, Hadley said, "Mama, you can stay in the playroom, Ima go workout." I told her that she'd probably have more fun in the playroom. She's picked up on a lot of things recently. She can put DVDs in the player now by herself, and she put that headband on (which is really a pair of sunglasses) too. The funniest things I see her doing is saying things that I say in her playing. The other day she was playing with her "buddies" (the Fisher Price "Little People" - she has termed "my buddies") and she said, "You ready to go night - night buddies? Yea? OK, let's go night-night." She then put them in the pack-n-play, said good night, and added, "Tomorrow we're going to go to the park, buddies. Does that sound good?"

When Hadley plays with her airport, she gets all her buddies in the plane, helicopter, or taxi cab and wheels them around the runway for a bit before lining them up at Starbucks. Each of the buddies gets a "grande half-caf" to which I say, "Well done, child."

Hadley and Harper have been sharing a room for about two weeks now which has gone smoothly. I heard lots of warnings about making sure the older child doesn't feel like his/her room is being invaded or that their crib is being taken away by the younger kid. Hadley doesn't seem to have any of that. When we showed her the new bed (which is a toddler bed, but we still have it as a crib), she said, "Oh! That's the bed Daddy made for you.....with blocks." (She has a hard time with the difference between"you" and "me.")

Here's a video of Harper enjoying "The Wiggles." She likes watching Hadley dance around to these guys.

Harper gives us lots of smiles, especially to Hadley, but gets confused when the camera is in front of her.

Here's Hadley showing Harper how to do the "Shimmy Shake."

I need to learn a new phrase besides, "Oh, Wow! Good job!"

I read an article by a woman who is giving up blogging, Facebook, and Twitter for Lent. Don't worry, I wasn't influenced. The last time I gave up something for Lent was in college when my friend Alison and I decided we'd give up ice-cream. I believe it lasted for a day. I know I was supposed to be focusing on Jesus, but all I could think about was the ice-cream I couldn't have. Anyway, this woman was concerned about what this was going to do to her social life. Since she wouldn't be on Twitter (something I have no idea about; I'm still trying to make sense of what "flare" and "poke" are on Facebook, and why anyone cares that I've installed Facebook on my phone), she thought she'd miss out on get togethers with friends. Maybe she'd be folding laundry while her friends were watching a movie, and she would never know because she gave Twitter up for Lent. I wanted to suggest to her that perhaps her friends could call her on the phone instead.


Keri said...

Love the videos! And I laughed out loud at your Lent story. I feel the same way, the last time I gave something up for Lent was also at Calvin, where I gave up cookies. I did not find that this supported any type of spiritual growth on my part. I love the story about the buddies going to Starbucks. I have no doubt my child will be able to repeat my chai Starbucks order in a few years. :)

Alison said...

why you gotta be calling me out in your blog? :) i *could've* given up ice cream. i just didn't want to. don't want to now either. or wine. or coffee.
love the videos. so cute those girls! someday we're going to stop just talking about it and actually get together! love you!

Katie said...

Laughing about the Lent thing, too. I had to give up sugar for my pregnancy - can that count for Lent? All I wanted for 5 months was a glazed donut. 5 months - that should count for about 4 years' worth, right?

Cole Shuple said...

Hadley has got so big since we saw her. You guys have to come up soon.