Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day in DC

Saturday we went to the National Archives to see the original Emancipation Proclamation, and then to the National Gallery of Art for lunch. We met up with my Erika and Arie Wilgenburg and their daughter Chloe, who is about three weeks older than Harper. (Erika was my RA when I was a freshman in college.)
Here are me and the girls outside of the National Gallery of Art.

And here we are taking a look at ol' Abe's work.

In the rotunda of the museum we also saw the Declaration of Independenceand the Constitution along with other documents.

Here's Hadley quite interested in the ceiling of the museum.

And here she is explaining to us as delicately as possible that she would like to leave:


Glennis said...

I am quite surprised that you can go and look at the Independence documents. Thought they would be locked away very safe, but it is as it should be that all American can go take a look at such an important piece of paper.

hannah elizabeth said...

I feel like Hadley and I would get along quite nicely...

Katie said...

Wow. That is some large coffee.

Cole Shuple said...

Is it that dark in the museum?