Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here Come The Irish

Here's my cutie pie Harps ringing in the beginning of the Notre Dame football season at BW3s. The hat seems fitting, and I think she is looking just like her Great Grandpa Lewis and Grandpa Lewis right now. This seems appropriate as I know football is an important part of their lives (though they might not admit it).
Jesse and I were very excited to have found a BW3s in the area since we have a lot of fond memories of patronizing this restaurant while we were in South Bend. We thought that today would be a great day to introduce our girls to this establishment.

Here's my 2 going on 13 year old - "Oh my goodness, Mom, don't even think about taking my picture!"

And here's Jesse as happy as can be with his buffalo wing and celery stick:

Here he is saying "Talk to the tshirt"

And here's a video of the girls playing with a balloon. As you might be able to tell, Harper loses her mind when she sees balloons. Hadley was happy to entertain her with it.

I'm writing this entry knowing that the Irish won, but I'm not allowed to say anything because Jesse is still watching it. At least I know he won't be disappointed when the game is over. And at least he doesn't have to worry about me going into labor when the game ends, like I did the last time he watched an ND game.

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Mallory said...

bahahah. I can't wait to hear what Hadley will say when she is 13. :)