Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh The Places You'll Go

From the last post, readers can imagine that the big news is that Harper is crawling. And that is quite exciting, however, she doesn't quite grasp the power she has with this ability. In other words, she doesn't know she can crawl. For example, if she is in the playroom and I leave, she won't crawl after me. She'll just scream and yell until I come back. So while she's technically mobile, she doesn't understand how to work this to her advantage. She will crawl for food, or to get anything that Hadley is currently playing with.

Her older sister is mastering a few skills here and there as well. She has really started to enjoy riding her bike.

Just in case that wasn't enough:

While Harper can't quite participate in all the fun a park has to offer, she enjoys watching the other kids play. I can tell by her kicking legs and squealing that she is saying, "Just you wait, kids. I'll run and jump with the best of you in no time."


Katie said...

What a neat park! I've never seen one with a road like that. Where is it?

Tara Shuple said...

that park is sweet!!! the boys would have LOVED that! maybe we will bring scooters with us and they can all go to the park!