Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Eggs: Take Two

Hadley wanted to decorate Easter eggs again this year, so we bought a kit this week. I feel guilty that this is what Hadley associates with Easter, but I have to say, trying to explain the Easter story to my kid is really hard! Christmas is pretty easy, but with Easter we have sin, death....all sorts of stuff that's tough to understand. We have a book that we are reading to Hadley about the Easter story, but we have a lengthy discussion about why the guards that take Jesus away are frowning in the picture. It is really hard on Hadley when someone is angry or being mean, so I guess we'll have to just ease in with the concepts of the Easter story. So this year we're doing Easter eggs. Maybe next year the girls and I will decorate Easter eggs and watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Or The Passion. That'll be a nice afternoon.

Hadley picked the glitter Easter egg kit. Last year we did Sesame Street, but this year it's glitter. I really hope next year it won't be Hannah Montana.

Getting ready to sprinkle glitter on the painted eggs:

I think sprinkling the glitter on the eggs was Hadley's favorite part.
Harper read books while Hadley worked on the eggs.

Since we got back from Georgia, Hadley has been interested in cooking because she got to do this:

Doesn't that look great? Hadley made up another concoction this week.

Here's what she made:

Harper wanted to help, too, but she got a little distracted with the Chef's hat.

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