Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Today the girls and I went to Brookside Gardens for a St. Patrick's Day walk. The weather was beautiful. I have not been to this park before, and it's quite impressive. When we got to the Visitor's Center, we received a map showing us the layout of the park. The object of our outing this morning was to find leprechauns. There were several stops along the way with activities we needed to complete in order to get us closer to the pot of gold and the leprechauns. At one stop, we flapped our arms like birds. At another, we danced an Irish jig. At another one we played "Leprechaun Says."

Here's Hadley running away as fast as she can:

They don't look like this at Notre Dame.
Playing "Leprechaun Says." Harper is about to say, "How much longer do I have to sit in this?"

We followed green footprints in the greenhouse to the Pot of Gold. Each kid got a green carnation, but what they all were most impressed with were the bubbles. Hadley tried catching the bubbles while Harper yelled, "Bubble! Bubble!" I think this was their favorite part.

Looking for the Pot of Gold.

Still looking.
Here it is (I don't know why the picture came out sideways):
But who cares about gold when there are bubbles?

You can't see the bubbles because Hadley and the girl next to her are trying to stop them from coming out of the machine. You can see how Harper feels about this from her face. She's thinking about throwing her raisin box at Hadley.
This is a picture of Hadley "giving Harper some bubbles." She "caught" some and wanted Harper to have them. Harper's like, "That's fine and all, but do you think you could get me out of this stroller?"

We're a long way from "The Lord of the Dance."

This was such a fun morning, and I have so much appreciation for Montgomery County and all the activities they plan for little kids. I can't believe how much preparation must have gone into this. Not only did they have all these activities to do on our walk, but each child got to make a craft (Hadley made an Irish door hanger), and there was a snack at the end of our hike. It was the perfect thing to do on this very nice spring day.

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shani said...

Looks like a lot of St. Patrick's Day fun there! When the girls get older and if I'm still working in this wonderful town of East Lansing, I'll be happy to introduce them to green beer. We can begin celebrating at 7am like all the others around here.