Monday, February 28, 2011

Reminds Me Of Summer

Yesterday was one of the first days I didn't wake up and grab my slippers the minute my feet hit the floor.  Spring's a-comin' and we are all ready for it. 

Harper was sick all weekend, but we made it outside yesterday afternnoon for a little bike ride.
The girls should really be on each other's bikes, but Harper would have none of it.  Every time we suggested that she give Hadley a turn, Harper would scream bloody murder.  She's a raw nerve, this one.  Every thing is just fine as long as nobody does anything she doesn't want them to do. 

That's right, Dad.  Push me on this bike even though there is a nice handle on the other one, and my legs barely reach the peddles on the bike I'm currently on.  Hadley kept saying, "This bike makes me knees hurt."  Well, OF COURSE your knees hurt!  You look like an 18 year old riding that bike. (We insisted Hadley and Harper switch bikes every so often but Harper made such  fuss that Hadley decided it was more fun to ride the other bike.)
We also went out for some for "fro yo" (I can quote Julie Cooper if I want to) at a new place down the street from us.  You serve yourself here, which the girls think is awesome.  It reminds me of my after dinner treat I used to have at Calvin.  I would always get a chocolate/vanilla swirled ice-cream cone (that I made myself).  My trick was to put the sprinkles in the bottom of the cone which served two purposes: 1- it didn't make the cone soggy from all the ice-cream I'd pile onto it. 2-the sprinkles were a surprise at the end of my treat. 

A surprise and a sog defender - you can't go wrong.

"What do you mean I'm not getting more when this is gone?  I don't understand those words.  Are you not aware of what I am capable of?  I'll throw a tantrum in public.  Try me."
"I'm so happy."
Happy, happy, happy!

And here's me and Voldemort.

I can call her Voldemort because Harper and I?  We're the same person.  I understand her anger and frustration.  I don't like it.  It makes me insane when she throws a tantrum, but I understand why she gets mad. She has an idea of the way the world should be and when the world doesn't fit her idea, we all suffer for it.  She's going to hear "roll with the punches" a lot, however, I'm not sure I'll be the one to model that phrase for her.  I don't roll well.  I'm actually quite square.

Anyway, after our ice-cream we walked around for a bit and saw a soon-to-be new hamburger restaurant.  This made us realize that we wanted hamburgers for dinner, so we went to Five Guys.  It was a backwards kind of day. 
The warm weather and sunshine will do that you.


ThaiHoa said...

Callie, sweet pics and memories. I can't wait for spring either, and for my little one to enjoy things like that. I took her out to the playground in our neighborhood today for the first time. It was a crazy 80degrees in NC. Thanks for commenting on my last post. I did post a comment afterwards.

Valerie said...

I still think my crushed Butterfinger at the bottom of the cone was better. Although probably more calories.