Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Bash

I forgot to put this picture in yesterday's post:
It's the best picture of all, if you ask me.  Hadley decided the movie Jesse was watching, An Inconvenient Truth, looked interesting so she sat down next to him and watched it. 

And since I started with a picture of Jesse (even though it's of the back of his head), I'll continue as him as the subject since yesterday we celebrated his birthday.

That was one of the cards Hadley made for him.  The other one was in an envelope taped together so well it took awhile to open.  Hadley likes tape.  A lot.

We met Jesse in Rockville at BW3s for dinner.

Sorry for the way the pictures are.  I can't flip them.  Oh, but hey!  Maybe you could just flip your computer for a second! 

And then things got really wild.
I truly worry for Harper when she gets to high school.  She is going to be the kid who will want to "one up" everybody. 

After dinner we went home to open presents.
Not before walking away with balloons, however.

As we were driving home, Hadley told Jesse that he needed to walk slowly up the stairs so we could run ahead of him, get in the house, and surprise him.  She'd been working on that plan all day. It seems I need to help her understand the idea behind "surprise." 

Anyway, he had lots of help opening presents.

Everything went swimmingly until one of the balloons we brought home made its way up to the ceiling.  Here's Harper trying to get at it

Harper was on her way to get something bigger - like maybe her dresser - so I stopped it before things got out of hand.


ThaiHoa said...

Your family is adorable. Love the first pic. Very precious. I have one of my little girl rubbing her daddy's neck too!

Kellee said...

That video is hilarious. Harper seems to possess a very "can-do" attitude. Ah, I can't wait to see everyone!