Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break '11

I didn't mention to Hadley that she would be on Spring Break this past week because I didn't think it would be a big deal.  Apparently that was a foolish mistake on my part.  She was quite disappointed when she was told she wouldn't be able to go to school due to Spring Break.  The whole way home from school she whined, "Today was my last day.  I'll never see my friends again." 

Oh, the drama.

We seemed to carry on despite the devestation of not being able to go to school.  We went to the park with the GP's from OP.
We had a playdate.

The girls are playing a game called "Bubble Gum."  It goes like this: You put your feet together (see above picture) and say "Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish.  How many pieces do you wish?"  And then someone says a number.  The number could be 4 or 55,000.  It doesn't seem to matter.  After you say the number you take one foot out of the way (note Harper's position). 

That's it.  Seems appropriate for girls in the 2 - 4 age range.  They have attention spans of gnats.

Goofy and Bear wanted to get out too, so we took them to 2 Amy's for pizza.  I think they had a good time.

And despite the fun filled week we had, school was just too much to resist, so Hadley took matters into her own hands and set up shop at home.  A home school, if you will.

I think Hadley will be thrilled to go back to school this week, although, it makes me weary for what will happen when she learns about summer break.  It could be a long three months.


Valerie said...

That picture of Harper and the stuffed animals as Hadley's students is just precious! I made my little sister do the same thing when I started kindergarten.

If only all kids could like school so much!

Mink said...

did you do the bubblegum game when you were a kid? we did...
reminds me of spring break '96. get back in da cah!