Friday, April 29, 2011

Wild and Precious Life

This week:

*I had to buy clothes for Hadley in the little girls section and not the baby/toddler section.

*While in the carpool line waiting to pick her up from school, I spotted Hadley waving, and I began to wave back until I realized she was waving goodbye to her friend. 


*Harper wakes up and I take her out of the crib to change her diaper.  Except, we have no diapers.  None.  Also, it's pouring down rain and so far there have been two tornado warnings.  All we have are Splashers.  Do you know what Splashers are?  They go under bathing suits.  I learned yesterday that Splashers may as well be cotton underpants because that's how much they absorb. 

*The severe weather was really stressing me out.  I was nervous about taking Hadley to school with tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and flash flood warnings.  It's hard to enjoy my new interest in country music when all that is going on.

But then this happened:

For about 3 minutes it stopped raining.  This happened just as Hadley, Harper, and I were walking outside to go to school.  We walked down the stairs and Hadley took one look at our sidewalk and declared, "Today is a PINK DAY!"

Last night in the Bible Study that I go to we talked about these words: agape, content, and joy.  I said that I have a hard time accepting the idea of agape - that no matter what I do God loves me. And being content is certainly an exercise for me.  But joy?  Joy seems to be present all the time, especially at times when I'm not expecting it.  I shared this story about the girls running in the pink pedals and everything that led up to it.  One lady said, "That's what agape is like: God holds the camera so you can dance in the petals." 


Becky said...

What a great story, and what a fabulous moment for your girls!! I want a pink day!! :) I bet they never forget it

Kimberly said...

What a sweet story!

Valerie said...'re listening to country? Interesting, I need to hear more about this.

I sure wish I had some trees that would do that to my front lawn!