Thursday, May 5, 2011

Egg Roll 2011

I'm a week late in writing about our trip to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll, but I have a lot on my plate right now.  There's all this ice-cream in our freezer and somebody thought it'd be a good idea to buy the largest tub of rainbow sprinkles to go with it. It takes time to create the perfect ice-cream sprinkle sundae, and then eat it.  Plus, I have the huge stress of choosing which flip flops I will wear each day.  I can't just be thinking about entering the White House lawn to this:

Oh, wait.  Yes, I can.  Did you catch the cheerleaders?  No?  That's OK because I did:
 We were just outside of the lawn when we heard these guys start to play.  One year when I was in high school the administration decided to play music through the intercom system during passing periods.  It would play for 4 minutes and then it'd shut off so everyone knew we had 1 minute to get to class.  In my opinion, this was the coolest thing the administration ever did (except for maybe allowing us to chew gum in class).  The problem was, everyone was dancing and singing in the hallways for the duration of the passing period, and then when you heard it shut off, we all ran like mad men to try and get to class.  There was also a lot of swearing. (Not from me, Mom and Dad.  I never swear.  Except for that one time I said "butt" in first grade.  I've been on the straight and narrow ever since.)

The morning we walked onto the White House's front lawn, I was reminded of an afternoon when the school was playing "Everyday People" by Arrested Development.  I was in a huge crowd, and I believe every single person was singing that song, dancing, and walking in time to it.  It's one of my favorite memories of high school.  Walking into the Egg Roll Monday morning was a lot like that.  There were parents holding hands with their kids, marching along to the beat.  We were nodding our heads and shaking our hips.  Some of us had our hands in the air.  Some of us were told to cut it out by their four year old daughters. It's all good, we need people like Hadley because she's going to BE the administration one day.  And Harper?  Well, I think Harper will be spending lots of time in the principal's office.

Here they are after they pulled me away from the band.

And then this egg came up to us and asked if we wanted to take a picture with it.

We also stalked some creature we thought was Cookie Monster, but turns out it wasn't.  I hate when that happens.

Hadley's all, "C'mon Harper!  Get in here!"  Harper's like, "Uhhhhh, I don't think so, Hadwee.  You go on and enjoy whatever that is.  I'm staying back here."

Although, Harper lost her mind when we saw these guys:

Here is what Hadley looked like when she first saw Elmo:
Whatever, dude.


I'd like to contribute that seeing Maria was a lot of fun.  She was a buddy of  mine along with all the Sesame Street gang growing up, and I was equally thankful for her contribution to keeping Hadley entertained while I was in my first trimester with Harper. 

I'd also like to say that Elmo is hilarious live.  On TV?  Not so much.  But he was a riot that morning.

Awww, group shot.

After story time with Elmo and Maria, it was time to do a little yoga.  Hadley LOVED this. 

Harper was a little more suspicious, but she joined in, too.

George Washington got into it, too.

A quick stop to say "Hey!" to ol' CB:

And then it was off to the Egg Hunt. 

When Harper heard we were going to the White House she said, "Awwww!  I don't want to go to the White House again!"  What two year old has the opportunity to say that?  Hadley calmed her down and told her this: "Harper, Bock Obama lives there!  He's the Present!  And you get to put all your stuff on a table and somebody looks at it and then gives it back!"  Come on, Harper.  What could be more fun then going to Present Bock Obama's house, and walking through security?  This is the stuff memories are made of!


tmezzy said...

Love it! Thanks for the giggles :)

On a silly side note. . . Wow. I totally forgot about the music playing in the halls between classes :) Too bad they didn't take requests. . . They were probably scared of what we might've asked for, though. Well, I am pretty sure we could've convinced the old farts that being "Down wit' OPP" meant we were down with the Oak Park Principal! ;) LOL

Michelle said...

Oh wow! That looks like fun! Love the yoga! Just stopping in to say "Happy Mother's Day!!!"

Shani said...

Thank you thank you for posting stuff like this. Makes me laugh out loud.