Thursday, May 12, 2011

You Have to Suffer for Beauty

Last week I took Harper to get her haircut.  This is not an easy task.  Where Hadley might be hesitant about the whole experience, Harper is flat out beligerent.  I'm talking screaming, hitting the lady who is supposed to cut her hair, arching her back so that you can't put her in the chair, and the list goes on.  I tried to take the girls when I think no other kids will be there so it's not horrifying for innocent bystanders.  And then I just stopped going at all because I don't think you can pay someone enough for trying to do a service when the customer is acting like someone on Jerry Springer.

But last week is was time so I told Harper when she woke up that after we dropped Hadley off at school, we were going to take her to get her haircut.  She was all for it until we walked into the shop and then the moaning and complaining started.  I started to get the sweats and began wondering what I could use to sedate my daughter, and that's when the miracle happened.

First, the lady who cut her hair gave her a BLUE smock to put on.  Blue is for Harper what that first cup of coffee is for me.  Then, the lady asked Harper if she wanted a lollipop while she cut her hair.

"Yea, a BLUE lollipop."  Harper demands. That's my girl.  She's just going to go ahead and let people know what she wants at all times.

I found the LAST BLUE lollipop in the treat basket.

Finally, the lady asked Harper what TV show she liked to watch and Harper said, "I like to watch Diego and the Dinosaurs." We have the book and we have to read it every single night.  It's one of the first things Harper asks for when she wakes up in the morning. She reads is all day long.  We recently got the DVD so now the story really comes alive.

"I think we have that one." the lady says and seconds later we hear the theme song and see Diego swinging on a rope with Baby Jaguar by his side.

No tantrums, Harps.  You want for nothing.

Note the toy in her left hand. It's BLUE.  (And I guess the smock isn't technically blue, but it worked for Harper.)

Look at that face.  Does she know how to work the camera or what?


Jenny said...

Too funny! Will is horrible when getting his haircut as well. But if you see my beach pics you will know he needed it cut and we did it finally last week. Hoping it gets better soon but it was still quite the experience!
Glad your little Harper did well!

Kimberly said...

Love her face in the last picture! Haircuts used to be a nightmare for my 2 year old. Thankfully (I think) he is over it.

Katie said...

Wow. Where is this magical place? It's time for Erin to get a cut, too.

Shani said...

Did Mallory teach her that face?

Valerie said...

Those pictures are just great! Glad you had a relatively peaceful haircut experience.

Knit4Fun said...

Thanks for the laugh tonight!! Gotta love it! The suckers are especially yummy when you get little pieces of hair stuck all over it. Oh well - anything to keep them from screaming...

Julie said...

Um... so I didn't realize it was going to say knit4fun =)

Mallory said...

oh hey, Shani. easy now...that was only for a church picture........ :)