Monday, November 12, 2007

Dinner at the Occidental Room

I'm sorry these pictures are all sideways!
Saturday night Hadley, Jesse and I got all dressed up and went down to DC to have dinner across the street from the White House. It was pretty fantastic! Jesse and I reminisced our way down Connecticut while Hadley sang and played in the backseat. I noticed Politics and Prose changed a bit since I'd last been there, there is a Starbucks at the Van Ness Metro stop where the Sirius coffeeshop used to be, and there is a Gap I'd never noticed around DuPont Circle (don't worry, World of Wines is still there).
We met up with lots of Greek relatives who seemed happy to see us. It's always fun to hear stories about my Grandparents and I feel lucky to have a family who is so interested in its heritage.

The dinner was delicious, and the room was quite impressive. The entire restaurant has pictures on the walls of famous people who have eaten there. Several presidents, Jay Leno, and of course, Hadley. Although she wasn't too happy that there wasn't a diaper changing station in the restroom. Neither was her mother.

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hannah elizabeth said...

What beautiful girls! Hmm. Hadley looks a bit mischievous in that last picture...