Saturday, November 17, 2007

Miss Independent

Here's Hadley sitting face forward in the carseat for the first time. She was pretty excited as you can see from the picture. We went to Costco and Trader Joe's today and she loved looking out the window as well as her new surroundings in the car.

Hadley didn't like it too much when I turned around to look at her. She would scowl and wave her arms at me to turn around. So I watched her from the side mirror instead as she smiled and kicked her legs. I think she was feeling like a big girl. It reminded me of the time I drove by myself for the first time. I screamed with glee as I drove down Gunderson and made my way to my best friend Celena's house. When I called my mom to tell her I got there safely, she said she heard me "let out a little yelp," but I denied it. How uncool is it to let your mom know you are excited about something? I guess I'm getting a taste of my own medicine now.

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