Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Tricks

This is Hadley's new favorite thing to do. She is having a lot of fun learning how to use her legs. She takes a few steps here and there, but the real fun is being able to do the above trick. What's even more impressive is that when I do it along with her, Hadley can reach her arm through her legs and grab my nose.

This week I introduced "time out" to Hadley. Now before you "tsk tsk" me and wonder to yourselves, "What could that blue eyed beauty POSSIBLY have done to be put in time out?" here is a list of just a few things I endured on Monday:

-Having my nose pinched so hard that blood was drawn

-Getting my shoulder AND knee repeatedly chewed on (she has a mean bite)

-Hiding from me by the garbage can (Hadley's new obsession), then waiting for me to find her and throwing tupperware into it.

The first time out I set Hadley on the couch and counted to 10. She clapped along and laughed. The second one I repeated the procedure and she scowled at me. After telling her that mommy doesn't like it when her nose is pinched so hard it starts to bleed, we hugged it out and returned to playing with her animals.

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