Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Chillin'

Do these two strangely resemble Joey and Chandler from "Friends" or what? By what can you do? After a long day of working on storm surges, and creating (what mommy says seems like) storm surges in the house, sometimes it's best just to sit back and watch Bob the Builder.

Hadley had quite an eventful day today. We went to Bible Study where she played her little heart out with all the older boys in the nursery. I could hear her dancing and squealing the entire time. One of the moms observed that "Hadley isn't afraid of any of the older kids." She then asked me if Hadley had any older brothers or sisters and I said, "Nope. She is just a very confident child. She assumes that everyone will get out of her way no matter what."

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Tara Shuple said...

The boys will have to fill Hadley in on all the Bob the Builder inside "scoop"...look at that, i remember it enough to make a pun. They do resemble Joey and Chandler-is she having food delivered to the neighbors?????