Thursday, February 14, 2008

Paperclips and Bottle Caps

This morning during Sesame Street Bert told Ernie that he had a REALLY exciting game for them to play. Ernie got excited and wanted to hear all about it. Bert showed him that the game was sorting Bert's collection of paperclips and bottle caps. Ernie was not as intrigued. I forgot how much Bert liked his collection of paperclips and bottle caps.

After awhile Ernie asked Bert if they could play the game with anything, and Bert said, "Well, yea! That's the beauty of the game!" So Ernie brought in all kinds of animals - including an elephant - to sort. Bert was a little flustered.

Hadley knows the sorting game very well and watched Bert and Ernie carefully as they sorted stuff on TV. She likes to sort her clothes in the morning. She takes each article of clothing out of her two bottom drawers and puts them somewhere else in our home. Recently they've been piled up on the living room chair. She also likes to sort books. She will take one book of the shelf and put it in a pile somewhere else. She is very happy to sort. Here is a picture of her not really sorting, but making some "cookies" in the kitchen (she wanted to help me with my batch so I gave her a bowl, a spoon, and the recipe cards so she could make her own):
She wasn't really fooled with the "fake" cookie mix so I let her stir my batch for a bit:

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