Saturday, February 9, 2008

Please Don't Stop the Music

Today we took Hadley to Rams Head Live in Baltimore for "Baby Loves Disco." This was an outstanding event with a live DJ playing 70s and 80s music while the kids (and parents) danced the afternoon away. Hadley went wild. Jesse and I followed her all over the club as she plowed her way up and down the stairs, around the dance floor, and through the "snack area" (a.k.a. bar). Following are several pictures and a short video.

Here's the dance floor:
Getting dangerous on the dance floor (c'mon, SOME of you know this song - "I know a girl by the name of Rita.....") Here she is with her dadddy showing off their four COMPLETELY different ranges of motion:

Here she is with her boyfriends Aiden and Matthew and their mommies. These are the ladies I hang out with regularly.

Dancing with mommy:

Of course, it's always nice to take a break from the dance floor and read a book.

This was Hadley's favorite hang out area (when she wasn't running around like a maniac) and after awhile, she realized that the railing was a REALLY fun toy.

See what I mean? She even got her little friend Matthew (her partner in crime) in on the game.

And one last picture of her conked out on the way home. But not without singing one last song on her microphone.

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