Monday, September 22, 2008

Highlights from the weekend

The weather has been so nice recently, so we took Hadley to the park in the morning on Saturday. The park we took her to is called "Adventure Park" which is a park that Hadley will definitely grow into. There are a lot of things she can do now, but as she gets older she'll have better access to the "big kid" stuff.

Entering the park with Daddy:

Playing the enormous xylophone:

Jumping on the bouncy swing:

And Hadley's favorite, driving the big bulldozer. Anytime Hadley has a chance to "drive" something, she is a happy camper.

On Sunday we didn't go to church because we all have colds, and Hadley loves the nursery these days so it would've been torture keeping her in church with us when she knows where the room is. We tried a couple of weeks ago to keep her in the service with us and after the singing was over, Hadley announced rather loudly, "I'm done." Then she jumped off her chair and began walking for the door. So Sunday we stayed home. Hadley and Jesse have colds worse than I do (probably because I'm taking super prenatal vitamins that have turned me into a disease fighting machine), so they were a little more tired on Sunday than normal. Here they are right before naptime:

Hadley wanted to make sure Bear got in the picture, so here's a close up of him:

Ahh Bear, what will we do without you? I thought we were going to have to face that reality last night as I was putting Hadley to bed and I couldn't find Bear. I looked everywhere for him. At one point I said, "Hadley, do you know where Bear is?" She said, "Yea!" I said, "Where is he?" She said, "Bear's in the car." Sure enough, Bear had been left in the car. Phew!


Katie said...

Callie, you have a very smart little girl. Doesn't she have a birthday coming up?

hannah elizabeth said...

1) i need that striped pantsuit in my life stat.
i will wear it to class for a week.
2) am i too big for the 'big kid' playground?