Friday, October 3, 2008

First Haircut

On Tuesday I took Hadley to "Cartoon Cuts" to get her hair trimmed. Jesse and I have talked about doing it ourselves, but both of us are a little nervous, so I thought we'd check this place out and see how Hadley likes it.
The first thing she saw were elephants on the door and walls and she loves elephants, so that made her happy. There were also crayons and paper in the waiting area, and she walked right over and got busy working while we waited for the big event.

In order to get her hair washed, Hadley had to climb up a ladder to a bunk - like seat. She thought the climbing was pretty cool, but hated getting her hair washed. Hadley doesn't generally cry in public, but when she is uncomfortable or scared she looks at me like I'm just about the stupidest person in the world to put her through whatever situation she's in. She'd give some of the middle school girls I've taught a run for their money with the look she has perfected.

The haircut went pretty well, although Hadley didn't like the cape too much. Too confining, I think. But the lady turned Barney on while she cut Hadley's hair and that proved to be quite successful. At the end of the cut, the lady gave Hadley a pink barret which Hadley wants to wear just about every day. She also gave her a lollipop which I have conveniently "lost." Here are some pictures:

This next video has nothing to do with Hadley's haircut, but it happened yesterday so readers are getting a "two for one" in this entry. As some of you know, Hadley is quite fond of books and the library. We go to the library at least once a week. Yesterday, Hadley was playing in her room and I heard, "This is just like the waabare." I went in to see what she was doing, and she had made herself a little "check out center" and was checking out her books (or "bookas" as she likes to call them). She used two cards from a game as the self scanner, and made sure she "scanned" the book where the sticker (barcode) is supposed to be. Here is the video:

After this task was completed, Hadley took Bear into the kitchen, sat him on her pink stool, and began showing him her magnetic letters. "This is a 'W', Bear. This is a 'B', Bear." After awhile I heard her tell him, "2 plus 2 is 4, Bear." I have no idea where she learned that. We all know that I was not teaching her math.

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hannah elizabeth said...

Haha. Math.
I still have one math class left in College. ew.