Friday, October 24, 2008

Party! Party! Party!

Here are a few more pictures of Hadley opening her presents.

One of the many Elmo birthday cards:

Giving Elmo a kiss...
What could be better than Elmo underpants?

Opening presents with Daddy:

Here are a couple of videos. This is one of Hadley checking out a Sesame Street puzzle.

And this is one of Hadley gobbling up blueberries. I apologize for my giggling in the background. It is so funny watching her literally inhale these things.

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Katie said...

When I used to work at the church office, the lady there would buy one of the 1/2 pint containers of blueberries to bring for Luke just because she liked watching him eat them so fast. He could down it in about a minute. He still asks for them and eats the frozen ones like candy. Erin does now, too (instead of just mashing them like she used to).

I like how Hadley is wearing my clip in EVERY picture! That's how I get Erin to wear them, too (on a pigtail) since she pulls them out if they're in by themselves. Thanks for the advertising.