Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Showing Harper what's what

It is very important to Hadley that Harper learns about certain things early on. While her parents are concerned about getting Harper to sleep at night, and whether she'll take a bottle, Hadley wants Harper to know about Elmo and all the fun toys there are to play with. Yesterday when "Elmo's World" came on Sesame Street, Hadley quickly ran over to Harper and said, "Elmo's World is on, Harper!" Harper, who was lookng at herself in the mirror on her playmat, responded with a, "Waaa!" Jesse picked her up, and Harper wriggled herself towards Elmo's voice so she could see what her sister was talking about. Already they've formed a bond.

Hadley's favorite toy to play with before bed is her zoo. Last night before the girls went to sleep, Hadley lined all her animals up on the couch where Harper was watching her.

Yes, both the yak and the camel have band-aids on their butts.

Here's a video of Hadley counting her animals while placing them in front of Harper. There are days when Hadley can count to 20....last night was not one of those nights, but A for effort, right?

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Katie said...

In the words of Jesse, "Ohhh. That's nice!"