Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun with the girls

Harper is working very hard to roll over these days. If it weren't for that darn left arm, she'd have the task executed. Well, it's just the first of many hurdles she'll encounter in life. Besides, I think she'll think that left arm will come in handy someday.

The little one has also proved to be quite a chatter box these days. She likes to yell (not talk or babble) at the animals that hang from her chairs and mat. I tried to get a video of it but she stops the show once the camera is rolling.

Now that Harper seems to be on a more predictable nap schedule, we are at home a bit more which means Hadley gets a little bored. I do my best to entertain her while Harper is sleeping, however. Last week we played hopscotch on the living room floor which proved to be a little entertaining.

The little toy she has in her hand is supposed to be the "rock" that you throw on the numbers, but Hadley didn't want to play it that way. Surprised?

This morning we decorated Easter Eggs, or "Feaster Eggs" has Hadley has been calling them.

After coloring, before the stickers:

The finished product:

I gave Harper some cereal this week. Here she is after the first try. She looks like she's about to say, "Oh no you did not just feed me that, Mom."

And in case you were wondering, size 5 diapers work just fine on a baby who wears size 2 diapers but you've run out.....


Arne & Julie said...

I love those chubby legs!!

Mallory said...

I love how Hadley just plops the eggs in the dye. :)