Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Have you seen the advertisement for a TV show called "Harper's Island?" It's supposed to be scary. Something about a murderer running loose on an island (I say, get yourself off the island. End of story.). We have our own little Harper's Island here, but it's not so scary. It might be full of suspense (you never know if you'll sleep through the night), and there is certainly quality screaming going on (could be coming from anyone of the females that rule this home), but anyone who created the new show that will be aired could not have met our sweet baby Harper. One look at these pictures, and they would change the show's name.

How's this for neck strength?

Uh...Dad? How long do I have to stay in this position?

Seriously, Dad. How long?

OK, one smile. But then I'm done.

She seems to be pretty close to rolling over. She'll whip her legs over to one side and then just hang out there for awhile. Hadley rolled over the first time right around April, so it might not be too much longer.

As for Harper's older sister, well, she proves to be entertaining all day long. We've been looking at preschools for her, but I haven't been too impressed with any of them. I really don't want to turn into the obnoxious mom who talks about how smart her kid is, but I'd like to find something where Hadley is learning a few things here and there. Here's one conversation I had with a teacher last week:

"We like to try and introduce shapes to the kids in the 2 year old program. We usually start with the circle because it's an easy one to grasp."

"That's a good idea." I say.

"Does your daughter know her shapes?"

"Yea, I think she has a handle on most of them." I tell her.

"Which shape did she learn first?" the teacher asks.

"An octogan."

And that was the end of that conversation.

I asked Hadley if she wanted to go to preschool, and this is what she said:

"Yes I would like to go to preschool, but I can't go by myself."

"Why not?"

"I can't go by myself because I can't open the door."

Hadley is referring to our front door. She can't open it by herself (thank the Lord). This conversation cracks me up mostly because Hadley always speaks in complete sentences. I don't know where she gets it from. She must have heard me when she was in the womb screaming at my sixth graders to please write in complete sentences.


Alison said...

um, that octagon story is awesome. that girl is smart! just put her right in kindergarten... and harper--what a doll. the smile that could end wars. i miss you guys.

Katie said...

Harper is so cute - and so different-looking from Hadley! Not that it's a bad thing. They're both cute.

I just bought a reading program to start with Luke from Peace Hill Press. You might want to check out their website and request a catalog. I know Hadley is only 2, but she might be ready now anyway. And full sentences . . . man that girl is smart. I know Erin is a few months younger, but she mostly just says "me too" "mine" and "no."

Arne & Julie said...

What a hilarious story Callie - it's only the first of many to come I'm sure. What about home-schooling?