Thursday, July 8, 2010

City of Oaks

I went out with a couple of friends earlier this week and one of the things we talked about was growing up in the midwest.  They're from Indiana but quickly said that they weren't from Gary, Indiana.  Anyone whose driven to Chicago via Gary knows why one would want to say they're not from Gary.  However, I told them that I always knew when summer was on its way when I could smell Gary from Oak Park.  It's disgusting, but for some reason it made me happy to smell that old french fry smell and know that soon I'd be wearing flip flops. 

I've noticed since summer began this year that our lives have been filled with evidence of summer in ways that have not been common the last few years.  I've been continually washing bathing suits to get them ready for the next day.  I need to get more sunblock.  We all have tan lines, and I can see blond streaks in Hadley's hair.  And we travel a lot more. 

I like that we are able to do a lot more this summer then we have in the last few years.  Maybe I've become more relaxed about things (probably not, this is me I'm talking about), but so far this summer has been a lot of fun.

Over the weekend we went to Raleigh to visit Geoff and Kellee.  They live in a great neighborhood and we had a fabulous time with them.

They have a swingset in their backyard that the girls thought was A-OK as you can see from the picture.

The girls had their first warm Krispy Creme donut over the weekend, too.

Stars and stripes forever, man.

We walked to a couple of parks in the neighborhood.

Everybody had a great time.

Geoff and Kellee took us to the local swimming pool, which was a lot of fun.
Hadley had a good time in the "big" pool.  She really needs more swimming lessons, but she managed to figure out how to kick her feet and move around with the life vest and noodle. 

Harper enjoyed the "little" pool which had all kinds of toys to play with, so she was a happy camper hanging out there.

Hadley joined us a little later.

And what would the 4th of July be without sparklers?

You can't see the sparkler, but Jesse's showing perfect form here.  Look at that concentration.

You guys are all dorks.  I'm going into my house and far away from this madness.

We were also able to walk through a Farmer's Market, and pick up some things.
These pictures don't look like a huge deal, but I was trying to get one of Hadley when she had her hand on Geoff's shoulder.  She kept putting her hand on him and doing a little dance, and then she'd take it off.  I couldn't get the one I wanted, but I thought it was sweet she was so friendly with him. 

Another thing that meant summer was going to Grand Rapids to see my Grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I said to Jesse on the drive to North Carolina this weekend that the trip from DC to Raleigh isn't that much longer then a trip from Chicago to Grand Rapids.  So maybe Harper and Hadley will associate summer with the splash parks, and sunblock, and going to see their aunt and uncle in North Carolina.

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Tara Shuple said...

Sweet post Callie. As soon as I saw the sparkler pictures it brought back many memories! I was telling everyone this weekend that 4th of July weekend we would be in the pool BEFORE donuts and out at dark! Those memories will always be there...and tell Jesse his sparkler form is quite impressive ;)