Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Music, A Little Splash

I signed the girls up for a music class that is through Montgomery County.  This is the same teacher that did the class when Hadley was 2, and I just loved her.  When I saw that she was teaching again, I was so excited because she is awesome!  She has a beautfiul voice, she's creative, and she is so good with the kids.

To say that Hadley likes this class would be an understatement.  Watching her these past couple of weeks made me realize how ready for school she really is. 
Yea!  I'm so happy!

Harper, on the other hand, is a little too cool for this stuff.

People are talking and looking at me, Mom.  And they want me to do stupid stuff!  You of all people should know how ridiculous this is.  I can't believe you brought me here!

The teacher taught us a firetruck song, so the kids got to wear hats when they sang and ran around.
Don't you dare let go of my hand, Mom.  Seriously.

We did a bunch of songs with a parachute.  You can see in the above picture Hadley's in full participation mode. 

Harper still thinking this is the dumbest thing ever.
Here she is in full on "feel sorry for me" mode.  Don't feel bad for her, folks.  She is a master of this face.
Hadley is the only one who can get her to participate.
There's a smile.  By the way, Hadley's on the floor because the teacher told the kids to lay down and put their hands up.  We're singing "London Bridge is Falling Down" and raising the parachute above our heads then letting it float back down to the kids.  So Hadley's just following directions, she's not randomly lying on the floor.

It's a very fun class.  Definetely a highlight of the week.  Plus, there's a park right outside the building where we take the class so of course we need to stop by and play.
When Harper climbs up the stairs now she says, "I'm coming, Hadley! I'm coming!"

After naptime, we drove to downtown Silver Spring to meet Jesse and play in the water fountain.
When Hadley's really happy she likes to bust out dancing.
Enjoying a little picnic dinner.
Doing some more dancing.
There was also a moonbounce that Hadley jumped in, but I didn't get any pictures.  However, I did get some pictures of the girls drawing with chalk in the street later that evening.  The street was closed off for all the little kids to do the moonbounce and chalk, etc.
So there's a whole lot of pictures from our Wednesday.  I figure viewers won't mind since my last post only had pictures of what looks like frogs getting ready for an attack.  At least, that's what it looks like to me.

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