Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last Music Class

Today was our last Music Class of the summer.  I told Hadley that it was our last class and she thought about this for a bit and then said, "You mean we're not going to have any more Wednesdays?"  I told her that I was pretty sure we'd have more Wednesdays, we just wouldn't be going to Music Class on Wednesdays.

When we got there, Hadley had to do this:

Don't ask me why she needed to put a rubber ducky (that is supposed to be in the bathtub) on the dashboard of the car.  I don't know.  I asked Hadley why the duck had to be there and she answered in Spanish.  That's what she does now when she is explaining something to me that neither she, or I know the answer to.  She just makes something up, and she knows I don't know Spanish so she just starts saying words that sound like Spanish until I say, "OK."  So the duck stayed on the dashboard while we went to Music Class.

The morning was full of treats.  The building where the class is held has this very nice flower garden that you walk through to get to the main doors.  There were butterflies flying all over the garden this morning and the girls were quite excited.  But as we were standing there admiring the butterflies, Hadley saw her teacher and just kind of stood in awe.  Hadley loves her Music teacher.  I love her too.  She is so much fun and so creative.  Anyway, we happened to walk in at the same time as our teacher and she asked Hadley to help her with some things.  I wish I could've snapped a shot of Hadley's face when she was asked to help out.  Hadley was so proud.  She got to carry the teacher's water bottle to class for her.

Hadley is the first to clean up in class.  She makes sure Harper always has the materials she needs for the next song.  She knows that the other kids like to clean up too, so Hadley will go around and give kids the toys/musical instruments that she's picked up so they have a chance to put things away, too.  Hadley would NEVER do this at home.  If I had a quarter for every time I said, "Can you guys please share?" I'd be living next to the Obamas.

Carrying the water bottle wasn't the only thing Hadley got to do that was special today.

There she is, next to the teacher, showing everyone how "The Cobbler Song" is done.  That's my girl!

I can't say Harper really warmed up to the whole "be nice to people you don't know" concept. 

Harper's favorite part of the hour was the songs we did with the parachute.  One of them is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and all the kids get in the middle of the parachute while the parents go around in a circle singing the song.  The last two weeks, Harper sat with the other kids.

Flexed legs.  A sure sign she's enjoying herself. 

It looks like Hadley's thinking, "I swear, I'm too old for this."  And I think Harper's found someone she thinks is kind of cute.  Either that or he's crowding what she believes is her space.

After music class we went to get ice-cream.  It just seemed like the right thing to do after your last music class.  I asked the lady at the ice cream shop for a scoop of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles for each of the girls.  She not only put sprinkles on them, but placed two googly eyes and a nose.  So it looked like you were eating a face.  Isn't that sweet?

Don't get between me and my chocolate ice cream, and nobody will get hurt.

Just a little lesson I learned today about Harper.  I think it's important that I let those who might want to give her ice cream know what I now know:  If you say "ice cream," "we're going to get ice cream," "gee, I really like ice cream," or anything with the word "ice cream" in it, you better be ready to give her ice cream within seconds of the words leaving your mouth.  I made the mistake of saying we were going to get ice cream while I was putting the girls in the car and Harper screamed and SCREAMED the entire drive until we got to the ice cream shop.  The child has absolutely no patience.  It has to be done.  And it has to be done NOW.

And Hadley?  Hadley just wants to party:

Crash. Boom. Bang!

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