Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday around 6am, a terrible thunderstorm rolled through causing trees to knock against our condo, and lights to flicker on and off.  Plus there was thunder.  Lots and lots of thunder.  Hadley and Harper slept through all of it. 

However, the sound of the coffee maker signals Hadley that it is time to wake up.  I try to outsmart her.  I take four pillows, and jam them up against the counter to block out the noise of the grinder (Jesse thinks I'm crazy, and actually, I am), but three times out of five, Hadley comes out to see what's going on. 

She walks out of her bedroom the same way every morning.  Her blanket is drapped over her head so that only her eyes and cheeks are showing.  It's wrapped around her so that when she pads down the hallway she resembles Casper. You know, the friendly ghost?  It's clear she's not ready to wake up because once she reaches me she just stands there.  We'll say our good mornings, I get her some juice, and then she lays down on the couch for awhile.

Yesterday Hadley wanted to watch "The Fresh Beat Band" while she was laying on the couch.  This is the current show of choice lately.  (I can't say that I'm upset - the four characters break out in song and dance every 5 minutes.  It won't be long before I'm doing the routines with them.)  So I put that on and sat on the couch with her and read my book while she watched a show.

It was a nice little moment.

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