Friday, August 6, 2010


While we were away, we spent an afternoon in Monticello.  The place is beautiful and I think we all had a good time exploring the enormous quarters that made up Jefferson's home.

This was his vegetable garden.  It looked like it was still functioning, too.  We could smell basil and tomatoes, and I think they're used in the cafe.

I think my mom is pointing out squash or something to Hadley and I'm pretty sure Hadley's wondering where the chocolate is.

I don't have any pictures of Jefferson's actual home because we couldn't take pictures inside.  Plus, the girls were a little fiesty.  At one point during the guided tour, we were contemplating the fact that Jefferson declared that all men are created equal yet owned slaves, while Harper's looking at a picture on my phone and yelling, "WOOK!  IT'S A HADLEY!"  We had to leave at that point.

But we did find a hands-on Discovery Room where the girls could make an appropriate mess.  It was in this room that Jesse said, and I quote, "I learned the most in this room then in the rest of the area!" 

Here's Harper playing with some toys that Jefferson played with when he was a little boy.  They've held up well, haven't they?
Is it clear that was a joke or not?

Harper and Hadley had a good time making different buildings at this table.

This was a really cool playroom. I liked this little bench the best:

Right on, TJ.

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