Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Theme

I taught in about four schools, and in one of them I was sort of allowed to wear flip flops.  I'm still not sure if I could or not, but nobody told me I couldn't so I did.  I would wear them the minute spring had the potential of showing itself in South Bend.  That doesn't necessarily mean it would be warm enough to wear them, it simply means that spring should be up and running around, so I would wear flip flops.  A few people at this school would tell me I was "pushing spring."  Well, sometimes spring needs to be pushed. 

And although it is threatening to snow this weekend, the girls and I have all sported our spring outerwear the last several days.  The flip flops have returned, and Hadley and Harper have new "water shoes."  This year, they're sporting glittery princess and Hello Kitty shoes for the pool and beach (they're currently wearing them with socks - super cool).

With the warmer weather, the girls and I have been able to get out a lot more.  It's much easier to get outside when you don't have to bundle up.

I took all these pictures from the same spot - a park bench.  This is the first time I was able to sit down at a park while the kids played.  A lovely surprise with the upcoming season - the girls have begun to play together and I can watch the show they put on while the sun hits my shoulders and I'm sitting on a bench.  I can watch them and do a little daydreaming.  It's nice to daydream.  I highly recommend it.

The other thing we've been doing lately is going to the library and filling up the girls backpacks with books, then going across the street to Starbucks to read and maybe color a bit.

I took this picture because I realized the three of us were all doing our own thing - reading our books, drinking our drinks, coloring our pictures - it was so nice. 

I like the company of Hadley and Harper.  I like who they are, and who they are becoming.  Motherhood sometimes gets clouded by tasks like making sure they've brushed their teeth, or that they aren't hitting one another and I don't get to appreciate their company all the time.  I think I accept that.  I know these things are a part of the ballgame.  It's just nice to be in their presence without having to do much besides hang out with them.

Hooray for a new season!


Anonymous said...

Happy spring to you! We just got ANOTHER dump of snow yesterday. It's beautiful, but everyone here is ready for the parks and grass and sunshine and flip flops!! Love the "feeling" of your Starbucks trip--relaxing at it's best!

ThaiHoa said...

AAAwwwww...I can't wait for those days. Reading together, going to parks...etc.

Momz Blotter said...

I loved reading your blog so much, I became a follower right away. Hopefully you can visit me at and follow me back. I look forward to being blog friends.