Monday, June 20, 2011

New Toy

This is a picture of the Polly Pocket Ice Cream Waterslide Pool....or something close to that title.

It's Hadley's new toy for getting 10 stickers.  Why did she earn 10 stickers, you ask?  Because she stayed in bed past 7am 10 times.  We told her if she could do that, each morning she would get a sticker.  When she got 10 stickers, we'd buy her a treat.

I don't know.  It probably seems like too much to get your kid to sleep or just STAY IN BED until 7am.  But I need some time to prepare for the creation that is four.  Four is non-stop.  Four talks A LOT.  Four doesn't ever seem to run out of questions.  There isn't strong enough coffee for me to drink to keep up with four.

So we bought Hadley a clock.

We showed her how to tell when it is 7.  We put it right next to her bed.  We started drilling her about four hours before she went to bed that she was not to come out of the bedroom until that clock read 7am. 

"How can you tell it's 7, Hadley?"

"When the little hand is on 7 and the big hand is on 12."

"That's right.  And when do you come out of the bedroom?"



Monday morning, Hadley's in our room at 5:45am.  A.M.!!!!!!

"Hadley!"  I say.  "Look at your clock!  It's not seven yet!"

Hadley goes back to her room and a half an hour later she comes in carrying the clock.

"Momma, it's 7 o'clock."

"No it's not, Hadley."

"Well, my clock says 7.  I think pink clocks are faster."

Anyway,  she did it 10 times and we bought her a Polly Pocket Ice Cream Waterslide toy.  On the way home from Target, I asked Hadley if she remembers why she has this toy. 

"Yes, because I stayed in bed until 7 o'clock."

"That's right, and I really appreciate that."

"Thanks, Mama.  But Mama?  Can I tell you something?"


"I really don't like to sleep in.  I don't want to miss anything.  I don't know how much longer I can do this."


Anonymous said...

Seven was our magic number too. We bought a little digital clock and covered the minute numbers with black electrical tape so only the hour showed. Many, many mornings, over all four kids, have we been woken up at 7 EXACTLY. But it works!

Hope you get more mornings and she keeps wanting stickers!

Becky said...

Oh hilarious :) Jackson has a clock that turns yellow at 7:00 a.m. and before he knew what seven zero zero meant, he'd just wait and yelled, "It's yellow!" Maybe get her a clock that turns colors--it might help ease the transition into being less of a morning person ;)

Jenny said...

That is hilarious! So happy for you that she stayed in there...hope she doesn't get up now that she has her toy!

Great idea for the sticker chart...I need to start enforcing this!

Angie @ SeriouslyAHomemaker said...

Lol! so cute! i can't get my kids OUT of bed... don't hate!

thanks for the bloggy support today :-) hey, you aren't running ragnar again this year? pregos, is it? can't remember what i heard.

have a great day :-)


michi said...

So cute!!

Let her know she's not missing anything lol. I can't wait until my daughter (she's 10 months now) can learn numbers so we can follow this rule.