Friday, June 10, 2011

Say W.H.A.T.?

Here we are in a Jeep cruisin' on the beach looking for wild horses.  You know, just your typical Thursday afternoon type of errand.  The Tour was called W.H.A.T. and the first two letters stand for Wild Horses, but I can't remember what the A and T stand for.  Are Tooting?  No, that can't be it.  Anyway, it was a really cool tour.

These guys are all over the place in this part of the Outer Banks.  By the way, this is as OBX as you can get.  There are no paved roads.  It's all beach.  And people live here.  It's pretty much as Into the Wild as I'll ever get.  The houses are gorgeous, but Mama needs a Target and a Starbucks. 

The funniest part of the tour for me was the conversation between Jesse and our tour guide.  Because we told him we weren't from North Carolina, he thought he'd fill us in on what it's like living in an area where there are a lot of hurricanes. 

Tour Guide Guy: "Hurricanes don't effect us.  We live in a bubble."

Jesse: "Oh yeah?"

Tour Guide Guy: "Yeah.  The weather and where we are makes it so the hurricanes just can't get at us like in the other parts of OBX."

Poor Jesse.  It was like watching that scene in Friends where Pheobe tries to convice Ross that maybe evolution isn't exactly what all his research says it is. 

Ooooo!  But we got some really great pictures!

Fun tour.  I highly recommend it if you're ever in the Outer Banks.


Jenny said...

That looks so fun! I have always wanted to do something like that...maybe in August when we go!

Mink said...

i can't believe that that guy tried to convince you there weren't hurricanes in the obx. what the crap? does he think the rest of us know nothing of hurricanes? the horses look awesome...

Katherines Corner said...

Oh how fun, that looks like a great way top make memories. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

Becky said...

It was already on my list because I saw it on John & Kate + 8 (because I strive to be just like them--sarcasm) but I'm glad to know someone in real life he actually did it and liked it. Looks like great memories!