Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something Old, Something New

I bring all the old reliables out to the blacktop: bikes, chalk, bubbles.  They serve as a nice rotation when Hadley and Harper are out here.

I bring my camera out just in case there will be a good story to tell, but assume it'll just be more of the H's chalking and biking it up.

But then Hadley goes and writes the alphabet.  Backwards.

And Harper figured out how to blow bubbles without swallowing (too much) bubble juice.

And we found some friends to join in on our hopscotch game.

You might notice that there's not really an order to what's in the hopscotch squares.  The kids used letters, numbers, and just left some blank.  Why not? 

It was a good day out on the blacktop.  I'm glad I broght my camera.

I'm linking up to Becky's blog over at "Rub Some Dirt on It," and adorable blog that's worth checking out!



Becky said...

Wonderful post, reminding us all to appreciate the small things :) Thanks for linking up and I'm glad you brought your camera, too!

Jenny said...

bubbles definitely are our "old faithful"! looks like they were all having a great time!

Ali said...

ok. seriously?! the upside-down backward alphabet writing is a little bit amazing. you should take that act on the road! :)