Friday, April 18, 2008

First Boo-Boo

On Thursday Hadley and I went to the park to play for awhile. Hadley likes to first scope the place out looking at all the kids, checking the equipment, etc. Then she heads for the slide. She loves the slide. Every time she goes down she says, "Weeeee!" and when she gets off she starts clapping for herself encouraging those around her to join in the fun. Yesterday she thought it'd be more efficient to go up the slide.

You can see the other little girl off to the left thinking, "Hey, my Mommy tells me I'm not supposed to do that? How come she can?"

Hadley also loves to sit on all the park benches.
But her favorite thing of all to do is go play with in the soccer games that are going on around the park. There were three going on yesterday morning, and I was able to distract her from them for awhile, but at one point she saw two boys playing with about 14 soccer balls and she took off screaming with delight, "Boy! Ball! Boy! Ball!"

Hadley also had her first skinned knee yesterday. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. She was walking around with Jesse and I at the train station and she fell down. Surprisingly, she was not upset at all. She was more intrigued with the new color of her skin. For the rest of the day she was pointing to her knee and saying, "Boo Boo."
Look at those cute little legs.

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Katie said...

Wow. That's pretty good to go 18 months without a scraped knee! You probably would've had more if it was warmer - shorts season means visible scrapes and bruises.