Sunday, April 27, 2008

Year and a half

In honor of Hadley turning 18 months last Wednesday, we got her a cash register and a Cabbage Patch Doll (it's technically a "newborn," and after feeding it a bottle her diaper gets wet. I haven't showed Hadley this feature yet).
Here she is counting the money:
Who says you can't take care of your baby at the workplace? Hadley's doing a fine job feeding her baby the bottle (nevermind that the baby is quite close to the edge of the table.....)

Looks like the baby needs a nap.

I guess the baby goes to sleep in the grocery bag.On Friday, Hadley met up with her friend at the park and they had a good time together on the swings. Hadley likes to sit in the swing, but she does not like to be pushed - FYI.

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hannah elizabeth said...

Love the photos...

Yes, I only have a week left...hopefully it will not involve any sleepless nights.

Have you heard of the dance company 'Pilobolus'? They are performing in DC on June 17 - I would highly recommend checking them out. Hopefully I will be driving through to see a friend and the show.