Monday, April 21, 2008

I scream, you scream!

On Friday Hadley and I were planning on going to the National Cathedral, but I decided not to because of the colds we've all had a hard time recovering from. (It would've been a long drive with little or no nap for Hadley.) So instead, we hung out around the neighborhood. In the morning, Hadley and I took a nice walk around the Washingtonian Center where she loved looking at the ducks. She counted them several times (1, 8, 9!) and gave them several quacks.

At one point in our walk, Hadley began pulling on my arm and saying, "Lion! Lion!" I couldn't figure out what she was talking about until she lead me over to a bench with what I guess is a fake lion sitting on it. She promptly gave him a hug and a pat, then wanted to sit next to him for awhile.
I told her later that she must get her willingness to hug and kiss these types of things from her uncle.
It certainly couldn't be from me. I would never do something so silly.

In the afternoon, because it was a whopping 84 degrees out, I decided it was time for Hadley to have some ice cream. We went to Maggie Moos in the Kentlands and I ordered her a scoop of vanilla. Here's the first face she made after her very first bite:

"Too cold, Mommy!"
But after the second bite, she decided it was pretty good.

But what was really fun was using the spoon and ice cream to paint her stroller.

And here's one last picture of her walking around outside. Isn't this outfit so cute?

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