Monday, May 18, 2009


I was in Starbucks last Friday and the barista who likes to tell people he looks like Donald Faison was complaining about his mother. He said, "I swear, something happens to you when you become a mother." I wanted to say, "You're right! You look at stop signs and buses with a giddiness you never thought possible. You dump yourself into bed exhausted, and roll on top of a glue stick and wonder why and how it got there. You do things you never thought you would ever be able to do: like hold out your hand in front of your daughter's mouth so she can spit food into it, or change two poopy diapers in the back of your car while both girls are screaming bloody murder. So yea, Mr. Barista, something does happen to you when you become a mother. YOU happen." But I didn't say any of that because I go to this Starbucks just about every day and they usually have my drink waiting on the counter for me when I walk through the door and I didn't want to ruin the think I've got going on there.

The title of this entry is not the combination to my high school locker, but rather, Harper's sixth month measurements. Her head is in the 60%, her weight is 75%, and her length is a whopping 97% which we got a good chuckle out of. Our first daughter has a huge head, and our second has super long legs. You can see what I mean in this picture.

Note how Harper's legs are sort of bent and at a diagonal. Jesse had to lift the exersaucer to the next notch so she can support herself better.

I took these pictures of the girls because they were playing so well together. Hadley was playing with something else and when I put Harper in the exersaucer, Hadley pulled up her chair and sat right in front of her so they could play together. If you're wondering why Hadley has her hand in front of her eye like that it's because she's looking for pirates. That's all the explanation I can give you at this point.

Here are the girls in matching outfits sent by my mom. I love dressing them the same, and will do it for as long as they let me:

On Mother's Day weekend, we went to Georgetown to walk around. Here are a few pictures.

Me and the girls:

Hadley and Jesse looking at the Potomac:

Here they are kicking a ball around:

Harper and I watched Hadley and Jesse run around while we enjoyed our drinks. Hers is on the left.

Aaaaaaa, life is good!

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