Monday, May 4, 2009

New Tricks

Harper hasn't rolled over yet, and I think it's because she'd much rather do this:

And Hadley's new favorite game is to play catch....with herself. We start off throwing the ball back and forth but she finds that it's much more exciting if she throws it to no one and then runs after it. Harper loves watching Hadley do this:

It has been raining for days now, but last weekend it was beautiful and we took advantage of the weather by going to the zoo.

We got to see the chimpanzees walking across the tightrope on this trip. Here are a couple of pictures of them in action, and one of us admiring them:

Well, Geoff and Kellee are enthralled. I'm more interested in drinking my coffee, and Hadley's trying to figure out how she can hitch a ride on that motorized wheelchair.


Katie said...

Those are some cute kiddos!

And, dude, those are orangutans.

Alison said...

that video of hadley throwing the ball to harper is too cute! i love babies giggling...

Arne & Julie said...

Great pictures and love Harper's new noise - that is super lady-like =)