Friday, May 22, 2009

Small Victories

Yesterday Hadley, Harper and I took a walk to the Giant because we ran out of a few things that we needed for the day. I would've taken the car but Jesse took it into work and also, it was a gorgeous day yesterday so I thought it would be nice to get some fresh air.

The Giant is not far. It is a very easy walk from our condo. But it does add a new dimension when you are pushing a stroller with one kid and carrying another kid in the Bjorn. My main concern wasn't that I didn't have the strength to do this, but that the girls would stay happy for the duration of our errand. Luckily, both of them were happy campers. Here are a few pictures:
The sun is not in Hadley's eyes. She is being a pirate.

And here's Harper in the Bjorn:

So I felt pretty proud of myself for my little achievement. When we got home, Harper was getting pretty tired so I put her in the crib for a nap. Harper is a very good sleeper. We don't have to do half the things we did for Hadley to get her to sleep (this is not a poor reflection on Hadley, rather, on her parents as we had no clue how to get her to sleep). However, she loves being swaddled but is getting too strong to stay swaddled. So I am trying to get her to used to going to sleep without her blanket wrapped around her like a straight jacket. Yesterday she did it, and I'm so proud of her:

Is there anything cuter than chubby baby legs?

And while there were plenty of successes of the day, there was one huge complication.

Does this picture look familar? Well, the stupid things are back. They are always in the same spot,and I have no idea how they are getting in. This fellow was in between the glass and the screen so I didn't have to kill it. However, after I took the picture and turned my back on it, it was gone. I don't know where it went. I don't see how it could've gotten inside or outside. But I know it's waiting for me.


Tara Shuple said...

I LOVE the chubby baby legs...mmm, wonder why?? Do you think you can get chubby baby legs from your Mom's cousin??? :)

Katie said...

The sleep issue isn't necessarily a reflection on you, either. Some kids are just better sleepers than others!

Keri said...

Max has started having the same issue with the swaddle...helps him sleep but he keeps busting out. Glad to hear Harper was able to fall asleep without the baby burrito!