Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The rest of the week is simply going to be a disappointment after what happened yesterday. I took the girls to another "Mommy and Me" event in Rockville, and there, in the center of the town center, was Elmo. Not just someone's old stuffed animal, but a real, live, Elmo. He was taller than me.

I wondered what Hadley would do when confronted with a "live" version of what she sees on TV. I assumed she'd be scared, and of course I was underestimating my daughter. Not only was she not scared, but she was front and center trying to talk to him every chance she got. She was also trying to get all the other kids in on this joyous occasion. After she had a chance to actually hug him (she later corrected me and told me that Elmo hugged her), she gently pushed other toddlers towards Elmo, encouraging them to get in on the action.

You might remember in my other post about my "Mommy and Me" experience where I complained about moms taking pictures of the bunny rabbit and it being complete chaos because of their insistence that they get "just one more picture." Well yesterday, I became that mom.

Here's a close up of Elmo. He reminds me a little bit of Animal in the Muppet Movie when he explodes out of the building because he's so big. Geoff, don't be scared.

Hadley can hardly believe it.

About to get hugged:

Here she is after he hugged her. Look at that face.

This picture is of Elmo saying goodbye to the crowd. The lady on the left is his "bodyguard" if you will. She led him around and sort of spoke for him. She'd say things like, "Elmo needs to go now. He'll be back soon!" All the while the crowd is nonstop following him around clicking "just one more" picture, and kids are cooing, "Elmo! Elmo!" Hadley and I included.

It was a fantastic day. Later, while we were eating lunch, Hadley asked me where Elmo went. I told her that he needed to eat lunch and then go take a nap. To this she said, "No he isn't going to eat lunch and take a nap because he has a tail." Can't argue with that kind of logic.


Keri said...

Okay, Hadley is far braver than I because I find that Elmo kind of scary and would not be giving him anything resembling a hug. Never really thought about the distinguishing difference between Elmo and humans being his tail, but like you said, you really can't argue with it.

Cole Shuple said...

Hadley is brave, I won't even go up to Mickey Mouse without almost crying!